Becky Meyer

I remember Becky Meyer. Becky was my classmate at the St Cloud Hospital School of Nursing for maybe half an hour. She sat across from me, to my left. She was a cute little blonde, she was young–probably right out of high school. She had kind of a raspy tomboy voice, and she was wearing Daisy Duke cutoffs. Her voice did not in any way match her physical appearance. I probably fell in love with her in the short time I spoke to her.

Our instructors came in that first day. They did a roll call/introduction thing, and then started handing out compendiums and study guides and stuff, and more stuff–until we each had a stack of papers about a foot and a half high on our desks that weighed roughly half a ton.

Becky took a long look at that pile of paperwork and said, “Well, that’s enough for me.” And walked out of the room, never to be seen again.

I spent three years with the people I graduated with, and I can’t remember who some of them are now. But I still remember Becky Meyer.

I wonder what she did with her life…

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