Yet Another Brief Treatise on God

I’ve mentioned before that I think about God a lots. God has my Muse by the you know what’s today, so today my Muse must be Polyhymnia.

I’m sure I contemplate God for many reasons, but I think my brother-in-law, Bill Pfaff, summed it up best when he said, I think it’s part of our DNA to seek God. I don’t know if that’s true for all us or not, but it’s true for me. I’m sure most of my Christian friends would say it’s also true for them.

I don’t know if they ponder the nature of just who and what God really is a deeply as I do. They are people of much greater faith than I. They probably don’t have as many questions a I do, and if they do, they probably don’t have the same exigent need for answers that I have.

God said a lots about Himself in the Bible, and that’s a good thing. He isn’t likely to answer any of my questions Himself these days. So, let’s take a look at what He had to say.

* * * *

God is a spirit. Or, God is Spirit. That’s what John writes in his Gospel. The Greek word for spirit is pneuma. It can also mean breath or wind. Wind is one of the forces of nature, much like God Himself. And like unto the wind, much of what God does isn’t visible to the human eye.

When most people think of God, they don’t imagine Him as a roiling ball of air. I don’t. I am created in the image of God, and I don’t look like a roiling ball of air. Most of the time. And I probably haven’t looked like that since I was in my twenties. So, my God has to have a body, though I imagine He’s quite a bit taller than me.

Whether God is a spirit or not, He is certainly the source of Spirit. This is supposed to be a brief treatise, so I’m going to simply define spirit as all those things that aren’t of the flesh. In other words, things not of this world. More on that later…

God also says He’s one of a kind. I am God, and there is none like me. I don’t dispute the uniqueness of God. Just what God means by this has been speculated about endlessly by a lots of really smart people for centuries. I’ve certainly never seen or heard of anything else like unto Him. And I think of Him in masculine terms because that’s how He describes Himself.

God also says He has no beginning, nor will He have an end. The only way that statement could be true is if both parts of it were true. Anything that has a beginning has to have an end.

I can’t imagine anything that doesn’t have a beginning. I’ve tried. The only thing I can come up with is God somehow existed before Time started being measured, and that’s the only way His statement could be even obliquely true. If I were to ask a theoretical physicist if someone could actually exist outside of the TimeSpace continuum, I’d probably give him or her a stroke or two.

But mostly what I think is this: even God had to have a beginning.

My pastor friends used to say something like unto this: God doesn’t need anything from us! And as you might expect, I had a response to that. Then why are we here?

I think God actually does need something from us, and I think it has something to do with that whole has no end thing. Form always follows function. So, how does our form relate to God’s purpose, and the functions God will require of us.

If you’ve never thought of that before, maybe it’s time…

* * * *

God is a space alien. While that might sound like the stupidest fucking thing you’ve ever heard, think about it this way: He’s not from around here, is He? And because God isn’t from Earth, by default, that makes Him an alien being of some sort.

And yes, I’ve watched several episodes of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel®. And I thought the same thing you did, especially about that guy with the wild hair. Those guys, are freakin’ nuts!

But once I came to the conclusion that God wasn’t what most Christians thought he was, that only left were all the things they didn’t think. And because God is essentially is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, well, pretty much anything goes.

I suppose it’s possible God that flies around in a ginormous spaceship called the Kingdom of Heaven, but I have no evidence to support this. However, if that turns out to be true, it wouldn’t surprise me much.

Remember the prophet Elijah? I’ve often wondered why God took him up to Heaven on a chariot of fire. Maybe it was because God needed to find out if an human being could live on his spaceship. And then He found out in order for a son of man to survive aboard the starship Kingdom of Heaven, God and man had to form a symbiotic relationship…

Well, I did do a lots of drugs back in the 70’s. And the 80’s.

God says He’s not human, so in that regard, God is totally alien to us. Perhaps He’s the last surviving member of His kind, a race of God-beings that inexplicably disappeared. Maybe they destroyed themselves, somehow, and that would actually explain a lots.

God seems to know a lots about warfare, among other things. It’s been my experience that waging war is a skill that has to be learned. I didn’t know squat about it before I joined the Army. Waging peace is relatively easy compared to waging war. All you have to do to wage peace is respect others and leave them the fuck alone.

And I can’t believe God just knows stuff. He probably had to gain His knowledge the same way anyone else does. He had to learn it, and He had to learn it somewhere.

There’s one other possibility: I’m essentially using a computerized device to write this treatise. I have access to a lots of information and knowledge, and I can download a couple buttloads of info onto my tablet. But the idea that God is nothing more than a computer is too crazy even for me to believe. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a few patients tell me God is a supercomputer…

And there’s this: while my Galaxy Note 2® might have access to a lots of information and knowledge, it contains no wisdom. And if God is nothing else, He certainly appears to be wise beyond our ability to measure.

* * * *

God has a Timeline. Everything that’s created has an expiration date. Milk. Medications. You. Me. The dinosaurs. This planet. Scientists have theorized that Earth will be destroyed in a couple of billion years, so go ahead and buy that pair of really cute shoes now.

I’m serious about the shoes. I’ve been married to a supermodel for almost three decades. I understand the importance of cute shoes.

Even God might have an expiration date. Jesus said that heaven and earth would pass away, and there’s a lots of really smart people that have speculated on what he meant when he said that. Was he talking about Heaven, or the heavens, as in the sky?

I might have had a timeline or two in my life, but nothing as serious as God’s. Think about this way: Everything happens in Mark’s time, right? Isn’t that what everyone says? No, they don’t. Everything happens in God’s time. And God’s timing is always perfect.

As much as I’d like to argue that point, I can’t. In my own experience, I’ve had too many examples of the perfectness of God’s timing to be anything but humbled by it, and awed. He may not have answered my need as soon as I would’ve liked, but He has always been there for me.

God allegedly exists outside of Time, and therefore Space. How someone not constrained by the strictures of Time can have any respect for it is beyond me. And yet…

Here’s something to think about. God created everything, right? But suppose he wrote a code into everything He made that was activated at a specific point in time. Stars died, new elements were created. Planets were formed. Ecosystems were born. Living organisms appeared and evolved, and fourteen billion years later, humans arrived.

And somehow, we ended up being the pinnacle of God’s creative plan.

And because we’re so cool, God raised one of us up out of the desert and made him our King based on his perfect service. And that made it possible for at least some of us to join Him, somehow, some way, some day.

Regarding that day, Jesus said he didn’t know when it would happen, only the Father knew. It’s this statement that led me to believe Jesus wasn’t on board the good ship Kingdom of Heaven at the beginning of its voyage.

And the reason God alone knows this date is because of the code, the runes He wrote into the gutrock of the earth, that will be activated at the prescribed moment in God’s Timeline.

That clock is ticking. Someday, perhaps even in my lifetime, the alarm will go off, and then the world will run swiftly to great tidings.

And then, quite possibly, all hell will break loose on a level that has probably never been seen on this planet before.

Or not.

I’m not a prophet. Yet. I have no real idea what’s going to happen.

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